Seasoning Your gas range tops Cast Iron Cookware

You can also lightly coat the cooking surface with cooking oil, then cover with a paper towel to protect it from dust. Whether you’re bringing it home from the store or reasoning the pan, deep clean it using warm water and, this time, use soap. Afterward, dry the pan completely using a paper towel and get rid of any soapy water that remains on the skillet. Another recent development in cast iron cookware seasoning are products combining vegetable shortening and beeswax. A noted above, shortening has long been a mainstay for a basic initial seasoning application. The allure of the addition of beeswax, however, seems to be its being perceived as a shortcut to the non-stick properties for which a well-seasoned cast iron pan is famous.

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  • When it reaches the desired temperature set a timer for 1 hour and allow it to bake.
  • You can add a tiny amount of oil after drying but this isn’t always necessary.
  • I only ever use plain old Crisco for seasoning.
  • Cast iron gets better and more non-stick with age and with repeated use, although modern cast iron skillets come handily pre-seasoned.
  • Next, we greased and floured each skillet’s interior surface and heated it to see how evenly it browned, an indication of how well it conducts heat across the entire surface.

And I’m here to tell you about two very common reasons why that happens, and how to prevent that gummy feeling from building up on your skillet. Anytime you notice food sticking to your pan, simply oil the pan again and slip it into the oven when you are cooking something else. Cast iron is really simple to care for, and once you get the hang gas range tops of it your cast iron pans will last generations, just like grandma’s. Cast Iron skillets and pans require seasoning to protect the pan from damage and to make cooking and clean up easier. Seasoning cast iron is easy to do at home and is a necessary home skill for those who are cleaning the toxins out of their home. A few well-seasoned cast iron skillets and pans can replace the toxic, peeling Teflon™ pots you currently have in your cupboard.

Thought On what Temperature To Season Cast Iron Skillet? And How You Should Season It?

As such, it has a high smoke point, and, coupled with its reduced impurities, won’t stink up the house as badly as some other fats can when subjected to the oven heat. It is also inexpensive and readily available. As noted above, seasoning consists of polymerized oil and carbon. When an oil is heated to and past its smoke point, it will thermally crack, meaning it breaks down.

The Difference Between Cast Iron And Stainless Steel

Cast iron offers the non-stick without the leeching. While it isn’t always perfectly non-stick, correct and consistent seasoning will ensure a non-stick skillet that also stays hot longer for great frying, searing, and sautéing. Not all skillets are created equally, and cast iron is one of those exceedingly wonderful cooking tools that you really ought to embrace.

You can see that there is quite a bit of debris caked in there that I’ll need to scrub off, especially in the corners. But beyond that, and except for a bit of rust on the bottom, this pan is in phenomenal shape. Remember, you’re looking for the smoothest cook surface possible – this is in fact much of the reason to go vintage – so don’t compromise on smoothness. Pitting, on the other hand, refers to the small craters that develop in cast iron as the result of chemical erosion. This usually has to do with the heat source that previous owners have cooked on, and pitting is as a result most often found on the bottom of the skillet. That said, if you can avoid a cracked pan you should, since these kinds of cosmetic issues can lower the pan’s resale value, and just don’t look good.

Best Oil To Season A Cast Iron Skillet

To give the pan extra love, rub the clean pan with a very light layer of vegetable oil or canola oil and place over medium-low heat for a few minutes. I did not achieve a jet black finish– mine was more very dark brown almost like a very burnt amber but dry and slick not sticky. However, the finish is tough as nails and easily held up to high heat. I finished the seasoning process by adding some oil and heating the pan until the oil began smoking.

Cast Iron Seasoning Option 2: Crisbee Stik

Cooking with cast iron can increase the iron content of the food by as much as 20%; acidic foods increase the release of iron. Chicken piccata is best done in a different skillet. You can use small amounts of acids without a problem, but try to keep acidic ingredients in check when you’re using your cast iron.