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It is best to be used outside or where you are able to air out a room if inside. The key feature of this Liberty oil lubricant is the fact is 100% synthetic. This helps to make it safe when dealing with electric fan motors that best penile pump are around painted or plastic type materials. It won’t eat through these materials, like some other lubricants, on the market, might. Sex therapist Megan Fleming loves this paraben, glycerin, and hormone-free water-based lube. And yes, lubes designed to mimic natural lubrication, like this one, are safe to use with silicone sex toys and latex condoms, Fleming says.

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  • The three main types of switch actuation are linear, tactile, and clicky, we linked an article to help explain the difference if you’re not sure what that means.
  • The key word in that sentence is “melt”, as in “undergo a phase transition from the solid phase to a liquid phase”.
  • And for some people, that can alter the pH in their vaginas to the point where it leads to a higher chance of infections, like bacterial vaginosis, says Dweck.
  • I use it on some pretty expensive boats but never tried it on a gun.

My new favorite sanitizer is a product called Steramine which, when used as directed, even kills the HIV-1 virus. However, keep in mind that I am not a doctor or anyone with any sort of official credential regarding cleanliness, so in the end you need to find what you feel safest doing and go with that. Failing that, you should do a little research on your part as to what you feel is best for your situation.

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PJ1 Blue Label is nice stuff with more forgiving characteristics compared to its heavy-duty Black Label brand-mate. The easily controllable spray stream went down even and dried quickly to a semi-sticky film that stayed on the chain with minimal fling. Maxima Chain Waxwith Parafilm went on wet and dried to a smooth and flexible fling-resistant coating.

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Vanya Sharma is a writer at heart with interests in the health and nutrition domain and has experience in content creation, collaboration, and content strategy. Although Vaseline has a soft, smooth texture, it is not advisable to use it as a sexual lubricant. Baby oil as a lube carries the risk of poisoning, infection, and damage to barrier methods of contraception. For example, if someone inserts butter into a vagina or anus and does not clean the area properly afterward, the butter may start to spoil and become rancid. Click here to read more about using Vaseline as a lubricant.

Consider how severe your dry eye is and let this be your guide. If it’s a frequent problem, you’re better off going with a longer-lasting product even if the consistency is a little thicker than you’ like. But if you only suffer from occasional dry eye, you may be just fine with lubricating eye drops with a thinner and lighter consistency. There are also eye drops that claim to work on multiple conditions at the same time, like dry eyes and redness. One of these products may be a better fit if you’re struggling with both conditions. But you should avoid purchasing eye drops for red eyes unless this is a serious issue.

If too much heat occurs, this will damage those parts. The reason a special type of chainsaw bar oil exists is that chainsaw chains and bars need a lubricant with certain qualities to keep those parts running smoothly. When it comes to using second-hand motor oil and second-hand hydraulic oils, this should be your last resort. Even multiple filtering cycles can not ensure the removal of microscopic metal debris. Hydraulic fluid has a low viscosity and is not very adherent. This can be corrected by mixing your hydraulic fluid with some motor oil or one of the natural oils you mentioned.

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Silicone is still widely used on internal caliper assemblies as it’s a superior lubricant for rubber. Synthetic brake caliper grease is better suited to external metal-on-metal contact points, although like with silicone-based grease, there is some overlap. It’s not a hard-and-fast rule that you should only use silicone grease on the internal assembly of your calipers.